Selling your stamps

If you have been collecting for a lifetime and decide to sell, it will be very difficult to see your collection go away. And if you sell badly, you'll surely regret it forever. So,if you have kept your albums safe for years...why don't let us be trusted with securing their future?


If you decide to sell with us, we can give you a free estimation for auctioning of the value of your property and the price it should be sold. Then we'll show you a variety of options so you can decide what suits you best. We can:


  • buy your collection outright

  • auction your collection on your behalf

  • sell it through our private treaty sales


On auctions or private sales your property can be sold as a whole as well as broken down separately to maximize its value and your return.

As our auctions are truly specialized, your material will be properly classified, described and always noticed. Our wide collectors and dealers database with a worldwide catalogue distribution and our international links assures your material will be offered to a great number of potential buyers.


After your property has been inspected and evaluated, you will receive a consignment agreement, which upon your signature will set up a permanent account in your name to make payments and future consignments simple.


Your consignment can remain anonymous if you wish: your name will not be printed in catalogues or other literature without your authority. Once in our posession, your property will be treated with the utmost care and, according to your wishes insured against loss or damage.


If you want to valuate your collection or just ask something about how to sell please contact us.